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Whaleshark at richelieu rock in Thailand

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Did you know?
 Facts about Thailand
  • There are at least 1.900 species of fish in the waters around Thailand
  • Thailand has 250 species of hard corals
  • There are 4 species of sea turtles here
  • 282 species of mammals in Thailand counted
  • There are at least 400 species of coral fish in Thailand
  • Thailand boasts 12 primates - 3 apes (gibbons), 9 monkeys
  • There are at least 405 species of reptiles and amphibians
  • There have been more than 925 species of birds recorded in Thailand
  • Thailand has 1.200 species of butterflies
  • There are over 1.300 varieties of orchid
  • Over 200 species of trees can exist in thailand on a 100 square meter section of rainforest

On the Surin Island on the est coast north of Phuket and Khao Lak you will find people which are different from the local people in Thailand. They call themselves the “Moken”. In Thailand are they also known as the “Sea Gipsy from Surin”. I just had the chance to visit them last June. People say that they live on the island for more the 200 years. Where they come from? Nobody really knows for a fact. The “Moken” make a living out of daily fishing and time to time they trade some fish for other things they might need. Trading partners are sometimes dive safari & scuba liveaboard vessels from Phuket and Khao Lak  which stopping by in the bay for a night. On this beach at Surin Island time has standing still for the last 200 years and the “Moken” don’t really want to change this. It takes about 8 hours from Phuket and 4 hours from Khao Lak by boat to get to the Surin Island in Thailand. Check it out!

Finding the Right Holiday Accommodation

Finding the right holiday accommodation can make or break a holiday, whether it is within the UK or abroad. It is important that you consider all options open to you as a holiday maker, as everyone has different tastes and also different expectations from their holiday experiences.

When considering going away, you should consider how active you are expecting to be when on holiday. If you want a relaxing break, where you can enter a quiet pool in the sun at your leisure, you will perhaps not wish to stay within a family resort or a youth hostel, despite these being relatively less expensive. If you wish to live it up in the lap of luxury, you may wish to consider a five star hotel, where comfort, peace, tranquillity and above all deluxe luxury can be yours. If you wish to camp out beneath the stars, however, it is unlikely that you will want to stay in a hotel.

When looking for good accommodation, you should think about what it is that you are going to the area for. For example, if you decide to go to Thailand for diving, you will want to be near the coast for ease of access to local amenities as well as your chosen activity. It is important, therefore, that you choose your accommodation wisely. Check where the hotel is located in relation to your chosen holiday destinations. Check that there is access for children or the elderly, if applicable. Do you need to pay for your own food? If so, check for the location of a local supermarket or popular restaurants. Why not spend a little extra time looking for the best hotel possible, rather than hand over money to a taxi driver who could potentially be earning money for taking tourists to particular restaurants?

When looking at diving holidays in Thailand, Burma or Indonesia, one of the most popular destinations is Khao Lak - a magnet for tourists for its scenic beauty, raging nightlife and popular bars and restaurants. A visit there can bring many different types of accommodation which range in prices that are affordable on any budget.

It is also important that you have a rest whilst away on holiday, so that when you come back to the UK, you are able to feel refreshed and ready for the drive home. When considering driving to a UK airport parking can be a relatively pain free experience if leaving your car with a reputable company, to be picked up on your arrival.

The Palm Garden Resort - Khao Lak

Stress Free Travel to Thailand

Despite the prospect of enjoying the sun, sand and sea of exotic destinations, many people still suffer from holiday stress both prior to and during the trip itself. More than 30 million people in the UK alone embark on foreign holidays every year and the high expectations they harbour can often lead to the nagging worries that are sure to spoil the fun. While the attraction of destinations such as Thailand is undeniable, they are no exception to the stresses of travel. However, there are options that can help ensure stress free travel to Thailand is possible.

In recent times, Thailand has become the destination of choice for a vast number of foreign travellers. The beautiful landscapes, unspoiled islands and luscious beaches combined with the friendliness of the locals, not to mention the reasonable prices, make this the ideal destination for that all important break.

Indeed, Thailand is now a country well prepared for its host of annual visitors. Thousands of hotels have sprung up, designed to cater for a wide range of both taste and budget. Nonetheless, the stresses and strains of a hotel stay can often outweigh the positives of any trip and many have decided that opting for villa-type accommodation is the wiser alternative.

Perhaps the greatest plus of a holiday villa, when compared to a hotel stay, is that the former can provide a real home from home experience that the latter never quite can. The beautiful, clear blue skies of Thailand are a perfect backdrop for relaxation. A backdrop that can only be suitably extended through the relaxing comforts that a villa affords.

While at best, a hotel may provide tea and coffee-making facilities, a holiday villa will, more often than not, come fully-equipped with your very own kitchen or kitchenette. Although Thailand may be renowned for its unique culinary tastes, dining out every day will not only eat into your holiday budget, but may leave you pining for some home cuisine. Having your own kitchen means you can eat what you want, when you want and will keep expenditure to a minimum.

Further advantages to this type of accommodation include both greater freedom and more privacy and space. Essentially, you can come and go as you please, using the facilities at your leisure and unencumbered by the restrictions of hotel opening times. In addition, never will you have to contend with the lack of privacy caused by the total strangers staying in the room next door. Space will also be more of a premium. Villas often turn out to be large enough to allow anyone the opportunity for some peaceful time alone.

Many things then, be they lack of privacy, freedom or space can lead to frustrations and worries that may well leave you more stressed by the end of your holiday than when you arrived. However, as we have seen, opting for one of the numerous
private villas available in Thailand will eliminate the usual holiday stresses, leaving you to enjoy your Thailand trip to the max.

The Palm Garden Resorts in Thailand - Phuket & Khao Lak

Vacation Guide Thailand

Thailand is perhaps best known for its islands and beaches. Every year thousands visit the country to soak up the sun and relax on pristine beaches, particularly during the peak season. Running from November to February this coincides with the Northern hemisphere winter, thus attracting many visitors in search of some winter sun.
However the beaches are not the only attraction in Thailand, there is plenty more to see and do in this culturally rich and beautiful country. The majority of international visitors will first arrive in the country`s capital - Bangkok. Although choked with cars the city is well worth spending a few days in. Visit some of the main religious sites, for example Wat Phra Kaew, which translates as the home of the Emerald Buddha or pay a visit to Jim Thompson`s House. You need to reserve some time for shopping in Bangkok whether in one of the many malls or from a stall lining the streets or from the floating market. When you are shopping from stalls or markets remember that haggling is part of the culture in this part of the world. The language barrier doesn`t matter; vendors will either have a few words of English or will simply tap figures into a calculator. You put in your response and eventually you will reach a price you can agree on.

If you are interested in Thai culture, particularly their spicy food, then you should pay a visit to Chiang Mai in the centre of the country. The city has over 300 temples to visit and is the place to go if you want to find out more about Thai food or even learn how to cook it. It is also a great place to get some authentic Thai souvenirs from artefacts to silk clothes.
Many visitors to Thailand head straight for the islands and beaches and it is not hard to see why. There are miles of beautiful beaches and the waters of Thailand are clear and warm. It has become very popular as a diving destination, for divers of all levels. Two places to consider if you are interested in diving are Ko Tao island and the Similan islands. The water is clear, there are easily accessible coral reefs to explore and it is one of the cheapest places in the world to dive. All of this means that diving is becoming increasingly popular amongst holiday makers.
The coastal region has a large range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. There are wonderful spa hotels, with infinity pools and endless pampering at one extreme and a range of hostels to suit the backpacking market at the other end. Thailand is a friendly, relaxed place to visit. It is easy to get around. Internal flights link the north and south of the country. There is a good public transport network including trains and local buses. Those who wish for a little more independence can arrange for a car hire. There are a number of different operators to choose from ranging from international chains to local companies.

Diving in Pattaya

The coastal resort of Pattaya in the south east of Thailand, once a sleepy fishing village, first became associated with tourism when a group of American servicemen arrived there for some R&R during the early part of the Vietnam War.
With miles of stunning beach and calm, family-friendly waters, Pattaya quickly attracted increasing numbers of visitors and has since become one of the most popular resorts throughout the whole of Asia.
The first dive shop opened during the 60s and snorkelers and scuba divers have flocked to the area ever since. Excellent weather and fine facilities make this a year-round diving destination. The visibility is sometimes less than perfect and many of the coral reefs have suffered damage but this is more than compensated for by the chance to spot a huge variety of marine life as well the opportunity to view some stunning wrecks. One of the most spectacular involves the remains of the SS Suddhadib, also known as the Hardeep. This 70m steamship was sunk by the Allies during a bombing raid towards the end of World War II and lies on its side just off the coast of Pattya in around 26 metres of water.
Thanks to the presence of a number of holes, it is possible to enter the bow of the wreck and swim through the inside all the way up to the stern. Along the way you can view galleys and the boilers from the engine room, as well as the piles of coal used to fuel them. Not only is the wreck itself mostly intact but several unexploded 1,000 lb bombs can be seen nearby. The currents in this part of the ocean are described as moderate to strong so the SS Suddahdib dive should only be attempted by those with advanced scuba qualifications.
Further north divers can find the wreck of the HTMS Khram. This former U.S Warship was deliberately sunk in February 2003 in order to create an artificial reef that would attract both wildlife and tourists. Sitting upright on the sea floor the ship now teams with life including coral, batfish, barracuda and turtles.
Having been sunk deliberately, the Khram contains plenty of penetration holes allowing divers to access and view the insides and is free from potential hazards such as sharp metal edges or oil leaks that are sometimes a feature of wrecks that have sunk as the result of bombs or collisions. Following the success of the Khram, a second U.S Warship was deliberately sunk in September 2006 to provide yet another site for tourists and wildlife, thus establishing Pattaya as the wreck-diving capital of Thailand.
Being more recent the HTMS Kood has yet to attract the same level of marine life as the Khram but with penetration holes allowing access to the engine room, radio room and other sections, the wreck is still a rewarding site to visit. Inside the bridge, you can even sit in the captain`s chair. While the wreck sites are only really suitable for more experienced divers, Pattaya has plenty of fun sites where younger or less experienced family members can join in the action. There are reefs filled with tropical fish and giant turtles and even a sunken restaurant that can be explored.
If this is your first visit to Thailand, it is worth taking some time away from Pattaya to explore the capital. With a bustling night life, dozens of stunning temples and palaces, fascinating markets and a vast array of tempting food, not to mention a good range of comfortable hotels in Bangkok to suit every budget, the only difficultly will be tearing yourself away.

Diving the Andaman Islands

One of the world`s new hotspots for diving, the Andaman Islands lie in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar/Burma and have just been opened up to tourism after years of isolation. The almost 600 islands have a tropical climate, meaning it is always warm with sea breezes and their waters offer some of the largest varieties of fish life and coral anywhere on planet Earth. The best weather and also best diving conditions are usually mid-January to mid-May. Late May to the end of July usually sees monsoon conditions, with very rough seas and bad visibility, whilst late August to the end of November can still be a time of great diving despite slightly rougher seas. December and early January can be unpredictable and so diving conditions cannot be guaranteed.
Havelock Island, which offers terrific diving and snorkelling, as well as beautiful beaches and Neil Island are the most popular choices for divers. They both offer good dive sites as well as rudimentary tourist infrastructure, as the Andaman Islands are generally untouched by commercialism and have largely escaped the horrors of mass tourism. With water temperatures averaging a balmy 28 degrees and a wealth of beautiful and interesting dive sites for all levels of experience, the Andaman Islands have something for everyone. A lack of commercial fishing means there are plenty fish including schooling species, such as barracuda, parrotfish, bumphead and trevallies. The area is home to a rich variety of marine life, including huge fish, sharks and manta rays.
Travel between islands is best done by passenger ferry, but many of the best dive sites in the Andamans are only accessible by private boat charters, as they are in very remote locations. These include the active volcano site of Barren Island with its spectacular fields of coral, the extinct volcano of Narcondam Island, where walls drop over 700m and which is famous for its black sand and underwater springs, the rocky canyons of Invisible Bank 100 miles away from the capital (and international arrival point), Port Blair, Ritchie`s Archipelago and a wreck south of North Brother Island. Although visibility is limited in many of the areas near to the shore, the offshore islands such as Barren Island, Passage Island and Narcondam offer marine life, incredible coral growth and crystal clear water.
Any non-Indian nationals need to be clear on Immigration Advice as Restricted Area Permits are needed to visit the islands, which are given out on arrival at Port Blair Airport. If you are entering the Andamans by sea, you should sort out your permit before arriving, ideally when applying for your Indian visa. Visas are issued for 15 or 30 days. Ask for 30 when you apply to save extra hassle if you want to extend your trip for any reason. Permits can be extended in Port Blair by 15 days, for a maximum stay of 45 days. The permit will be checked whenever you check into hotels, book ferries or travel to a new island, so keep it somewhere safe.


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The Palm Garden Resort was completed in 2005 and consists of 10 double cottages which are tastefully furnished. Elephant rides, jungle tours and Thai massages can be booked at the reception.

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Thailand Corner
Thailand has a land area of 513.5115 sq km bordered by Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.
Total 63.079.765 - approximately 6.255.023 living in Bangkok.
Temperature varies from 38 C to 19 C. Average temperatures are about 29 C. Humidity from 60% to 85%.

Thai is the national language. English is widely understood in bigger cities.

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