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Whaleshark at richelieu rock in Thailand

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Dive Sites in Thailand around Phuket and Khao Lak
The Similan & Surin Islands, Koh Tachai & Koh Bon & Richelieu Rock - Thailand

The Similan & Surin Islands, Koh Tachai & Koh Bon - Thailand
Day trips from Khao Lak


3 Day or 6 Day Dive Safaris

Similan & Surin Islands have more tropical variety of under water landscape than most other dive destinations around the world. The islands are recognized as some of the best diving sites world-wide. There are big boulders of rock, huge sea fans, barrel sponges, caves, 'swim through’, dramatic ‘drop offs’ and a paradise for any kind of marine life. The arias were designated as a National Park in 1982. Nearby the Surin Islands is Richelieu Rock found, world-famous for many sightings of the whale shark. Koh Bon and Koh Tachai are top class dive sites just the same and the best spots to see manta rays. 

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang Islands

3 Day Dive Safaris

to the

Southern Islands
Hin Daeng & Hin Muang Islands - Thailand

The islands got known because of the pinkish-red soft corals and large sea fans that cover both reef formations. Spectacular ‘drop offs’ go down to 50 meter. Huge schools of fish patrolling along the reefs. Amazing marine creatures as ghost-pipefish and seahorses are seen. This is also quite a good place to see sharks and especially whale sharks. At depth where the coral ends and the sand take over "garden eels" rule and leopard sharks are often spotted. The arias also become a National Park in 1982.

Phuket Island & Phi Phi Island & more ...

Day trips to the best dive sites

in and around

Phuket and Phi Phi Island

Phuket nestles in balmy Andaman Sea waters on Thailand's Indian Ocean coastline 862 kilometres south of Bangkok. Phuket formerly derived its wealth from tin and rubber, and enjoyed a rich and colourful history. The islands were on one of the major trading routes between India and China, and was frequently mentioned in foreign trader’s ship logs. There are hundreds of deserted coves and bays fringed with white sandy beaches. This region certainly presents the opportunity of hundreds of exiting new dive sites. The greatest attraction – sharks as leopards, grey-reefs, white-tips, silver-tips, nurse and whale sharks. The sharks mostly found in deeper waters. Schools of manta rays and big schools of giant groupers are often seen as well.

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Season 01.05.- 30.09. - LOW SEASON SPECIAL

Palm Garden Resort hotel accommodation in Khao Lak - A/C room with twin/double bed: 1,000 Thai Baht

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Thailand Corner
Thailand has a land area of 513.5115 sq km bordered by Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.
Total 63.079.765 - approximately 6.255.023 living in Bangkok.
Temperature varies from 38 C to 19 C. Average temperatures are about 29 C. Humidity from 60% to 85%.

Thai is the national language. English is widely understood in bigger cities.

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Season 01.05.- 31.10. - LOW SEASON SPECIAL

Palm Garden Resort hotel accommodation in Khao Lak --- A/C room with twin/double bed: 900 Thai Baht

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